• Image of FRANKREICH - s/t  - 12" EP

Frankreich is a heavy power trio from Normandy, here is their 6 songs debut EP release on vinyl. This band was the resident of Chaudelande for several months. Frankreich’s music is both powerful and hypnotic. Various fine influences here, between heavy / psychedelic rock, noise-hardcore and a savor of black metal. If we were still in the 90s we would probably call this sludge. Really promising first EP, a real pleasure for Tamed records to participate to its release. This record is co-release with these finest labels : Standard In-fi, Désastre records, Les Disques du Scalpel and Cherbourg City Records. Recorded and mixed by Manu Laffeach at Studio Chaudelande. Screenprinted sleeves with artwork by Druidhigh Visual. One time pressing of 300 copies.