Sweden has always been a country that interested me musically. The noise / experimental scene is really active there nowadays. I discovered in the same time two great recordings by ALTAR OF FLIES and MIRRORS ARE BLACK (A.O.F. "Let New Life Rise in the Face of Death" CS and M.A.B. split 7" with GAERRA). That's simply how the idea of ​​a split was born. ALTAR OF FLIES presents here two new tracks, with "Fragments" (the longer piece) Mattias has created one of his most narrative piece, using subtly field recordings and sound ambiance, making a presence surround you and transforming your own universe when you're listening to it. It makes you feel like you are discovering your own place for a new first time, or like you are being surprised by the arrival of an unexpected visitor. The result doesn't sound really concrete or organic, it's a more living noise, like a sound created, animating the things where it comes from. AOF starts his side by a sort of listener setting in, called "Attention please". Of course the mixture is orchestred with pure noise elements as AOF has the secret : tape, electronics, reel-to-reel/tape-echo loop... On the other side MIRRORS ARE BLACK issues a three part heavy and subtle noise piece, using drone and avalanche of sound, like a wave that flows and rises you to the surface. MAB music suspends minutes and retains seconds, captures and releases. It does not sail on a quiet lake, powerful rhythms upset the landscape. MAB uses analog gears, textures that ensue. His music can sometimes reminds early days of indus/noise music (a track is called "Tesco Days" such a coincidence with an old british band…). On this track, Peter (who also plays in AMPH) affirms his solo project with his own spirit.

Artwork by Henrik Wallin
Mastered by Viktor Ottosson